GTB has been providing next generation telecom services for over 20 years.

We have assisted thousands of Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia businesses in strengthening their operations and reducing their telecom expenses.

Some of the top industries we serve include:

Healthcare/Medical Facilities

Serving Healthcare and Medical Facilities.

The healthcare and medical industries are highly regulated, sensitive to shifting healthcare law, and, at times, are vulnerable to network security risks. Shifts in industry regulations and technology also leave them struggling to keep up with changing requirements.GTB can provide a number of communications, data and network security services to help these industries achieve operational efficiencies and reduce costs, so that more effort can be dedicated to the quality of patient care. See the GTB solutions that can help support you with patient care.

Serving Legal practices.

Legal professionals need the ability to access all types of information as they prepare for meetings, depositions and court appearances.  In addition, the ability to contact and communicate with colleagues and clients whether traveling, in court or at a remote location is critical to the success of their work. See the GTB solutions that can support your communications and data needs with colleagues and clients.


Serving Printing companies.

In order to stay ahead in the print industry, printing companies need to be able to deliver exceptional services in the areas of print production, digital imaging, binding and finishing, mailing, etc.  To make this happen, their staff needs to have the proper voice and data communications required for team and customer communications and the production and delivery of quality products on time and within budget.  This is particularly vital for those companies with multiple locations and staff who work in the field. See the GTB solutions that can help you communicate with your customers and staff in the field. 

Real Estate/Development

Serving Real Estate and Development customers.

Real estate and development professionals often move between the office and property listings, and often between multiple locations each day.  It’s an industry where seamless communication and accurate information can make or break a deal.  That’s why it’s so important to have quality, flexibility and mobility in your communications systems. See the GTB solutions that can support you while on the move.


Serving Non-profit organizations.

Non-profit organizations need ways to communicate and share information with their members, stakeholders and communities at large.  GTB has a variety of voice and data products that can help this sector achieve these goals.
See the GTB solutions that can help you reach your various stakeholders.


Serving Schools and Educational Institutions.

Across the U.S., schools and educational institutions are going through budget cuts, while expectations relating to scholastic performance rise.  Because of this, it is important for these organizations to have clear, reliable and affordable voice, internet and data systems – with a provider they can trust. See the GTB solutions that can further support your operations and academic performance.


Serving the Automotive industry.

Businesses in the automotive industry continually need to manage day-to-day operations across departments, while meeting and exceeding customer expectations and pursuing new sales opportunities.  There is also the need for high-quality, flexible voice service and secure data access for things such as the automotive customer life cycle – from pre-purchase through ownership to ownership transition. See the GTB solutions that can further support your sales and operations.


Serving the Financial and Insurance industries.

In the financial and insurance industries, productivity and cost effectiveness are essential.  These industries are also vulnerable to significant network security risks.  Whether one location or multiple offices, GTB can help financial companies mitigate those risks and help you seamlessly connect with staff and customers in any location. 

See the GTB solutions that can enhance productivity and mitigate risk.


Serving the Hospitality and Restaurant industries.

Businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industries have to respond to daily operational demands, while competing for increasingly fickle clientele.  They require proper tools to help with operational efficiency, support and security for credit card transactions and clear, quality communications. 
See the GTB solutions that can support daily operations and data security.

Small Retail

Serving Small Retail customers.

Being part of a retail business, you are required to manage the demands of the wholesalers and customers.  To keep the supply chain running smoothly, orders and invoices need to be processed efficiently and communications must be seamless. See the GTB solutions that can support seamless communications throughout your supply chain.

Business Associations

Serving Business Associations.

Running a business association requires the management of the many interests of industry members.  Associations need to have the communications tools in order to reach constituents about such things as legislative issues, special events and member benefits. See the GTB solutions that can support you in providing services to your members and industry at large.