Why Shop Local for High Speed Internet Access Neighborhood Photo
November 28, 2017
By Heather Gwaltney

Relying on large national Internet providers is a myth

Many assume that they are limited to one of two large, national Internet providers, but this is not the case.  In fact, shopping local for your high-speed Internet access can better serve you.  For companies transitioning their copper service to fiber or simply looking for higher Internet speeds, we offer a list of benefits for going local. 

Benefits of going local

These benefits include:

  • Local high-speed Internet providers can be equally as technically astute as larger, well-known ones.  A large, national advertising reach doesn’t automatically translate into better service.
  • Local Internet providers offer local customer service, which usually means better, more personalized care and faster resolution time. 
  • Local providers tend to be smaller, so your business is more important to them.  They will typically work harder to customize solutions for you and find a price that works.  In this case, you are “not just a number” and are less likely to be forced into purchasing services you don’t need.
  • When you give your business and money to local providers, you are supporting your local economy.

How GTB can help  

In business for 25 years, GTB has provided a variety of High Speed Internet Services with Cyber Security and managed Business Phone Solutions.  Headquartered in Baltimore County, we provide local customer care to companies in Maryland, DC and Northern VA. Rather than find multiple providers for each service, we also make acquiring and managing these services easier by providing a “one- stop- shop” experience.  GTB tailors our solutions to meet your unique needs and offers a free assessment of your Internet system to see if we can save you money and/or get you the high speed Internet access you need.  Learn more about our High Speed Internet Service. 

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