Image of a cow chewing grass
March 23, 2015
by Juan Faidley

No one knew that Maude was addicted to chewing gum.

No big deal – except that Maude’s cow-like behavior was taking place while conversing with customers on the company help line.

SHE MAY BE TALKING TO YOUR CUSTOMERS (and you don’t even know it).

How GTB can help

That’s where GTB’s new Call Center Plus can help.

Call Center Plus is an advanced, yet affordable, application. In addition to providing a variety of intuitive graphs and charts to help manage your call handing environment, you can also monitor in-progress calls and quickly identify trouble areas with customer communications. You can even provide real-time tutelage to your employees via the “whisper” mode. Unbeknownst to the customer, you can literally “whisper” in your employee’s ear to guide them through a difficult interaction with a disgruntled customer.


It’s an incredibly competitive marketplace, and the days of people tolerating lackluster customer service is over. Your clients are demanding shorter hold times and courteous, professional interactions with your employees—NOW.  GTB’s Call Center Plus is the essential tool in getting you to customer service bliss.

…and that’s no bull.


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