VoIP mobile app that integrates with business phones and helps with business communications
July 6, 2015
by Juan Faidley

Communicating with customers is not what it used to be. Today, business transactions can take place from virtually anywhere – whether you’re traveling, working from home or if you happen to be in the office.  With Accession Mobile, you can communicate to your customers whenever or wherever you need to without being tethered to a single location.  Accession Mobile is a powerful mobile app and the newest addition to Flex•Point’s™ suite of next generation communication services. The app utilizes readily available WiFi in addition to cellular networks.  You can use Accession on most phone and tablet devices and have the flexibility of running it both on IOS and Android-based devices.  If you’re looking for a more flexible way to communicate with your customers, read more about how Accession Mobile can help.

Business phone functionality in the palm of your hands

Conduct conference calls, transfer calls to team members, dial by extension and place customers on-hold (with music). Your callers won’t even know you’re not in your office.

Single number convenience

Never give out your cell number again. With Accession, the number associated with your desk phone is the same as your portable device. No cumbersome “Find-Me-Follow-Me” shenanigans required.  Done for the day? Just press the “Do Not Disturb” button from the Accession Mobile and all calls will go directly to voicemail. The following morning, simply turn off “Do Not Disturb”, and you’re back in business.

Visual Voicemail

Easily check your voice in a “visual”, non-sequential manner. Choose the message you want to listen to without having to go through messages you don’t want to hear. Listen, delete or respond to messages at the touch of a button.

Video Calling

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a moving picture (video) can be even more valuable. Arguably, a face to face video call may not provide a great deal of value, but an on-premise technician relaying real-time video back to his supervisor for diagnostic assistance may significantly stream-line troubleshooting efforts.

The International traveler

Making cellular calls while abroad is both cumbersome and expensive. Not with Accession Mobile. Accession Mobile allows you to dial back to the states over WiFi using the same dialing functions you’re familiar with and at a greatly reduced cost. If you’re a “Type A” person who feels the need to discuss fluid dynamics, while enjoying croissants in a Parisian café, your employees can reach you just as easily.

And it saves you money!

Accession Mobile also supports the growing trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  Your employees don’t want to carry around two cell phones, and you would rather not be strapped with the monthly employee cell phone bill. At an approximate cost of $35/month, a company with 20 employees will waste $8,400/year to provide their employees with smartphones. But your employees probably already have smart phones, and Accession Mobile allows you to place the company sponsored communication application on your employee’s cell phone. Your employee’s office number is the same as the Accession number, thus allowing them to receive and make calls just like they were in the office.  Accession Mobile is the next great tool to serve your business needs. It reduces expenses and streamlines the communication process.

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