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May 25, 2015
by Dror Mei-Tal

It’s not an easy task to run a business. One of the most important necessities in keeping that business up and running are computers and networks that work at all times. It is probably safe to assume that when the computers are down, so are the users behind them that are also unable to work.  -And that’s when your company loses money.

IT Managers vs. outsourcing to third party IT companies 

For this reason alone, many companies employ internal IT Managers who are responsible for maintaining equipment and software. Other companies outsource the responsibility to third party IT companies that become the “go to” organization when there is problem.  Rather than pay an ongoing salary, the outsourced company charges a monthly fee and includes a pre-selected set of hours for monthly maintenance at the customer location. 

Weighing the cost and benefit of these standard options 

Both solutions can work depending on the company’s needs and budget, but the charges become a fixed expense that many organizations try to reduce or avoid. Usually, company managers are willing to pay for someone to evaluate the network, update the software and fix or upgrade the hardware. But after a few months without serious computer or hardware issues, managers become reluctant to continue paying the expensive fees associated with the service. 

Remote management is another, more cost effective alternative 

Though all businesses need some form of IT support, there is an alternative option (to what’s been described above) that eliminates the cost associated with an internal IT Manager or a monthly-based package with an outsourced IT company.  Because most systems perform seamlessly once the computers and software are upgraded, there is actually no need to have an IT person get involved unless an isolated issue occurs. 

By installing remote monitoring software on each computer and server, the company can have their system continuously monitored with reports of any problems accessible through a central monitoring center. The monitoring software tracks each computer’s disk space, core performance, event logs, file system, space and physical memory, and reports any problem to that center. When Technicians at the center are alerted of a problem, they can log in remotely to the computer in question and resolve the issue. If the problem cannot be resolved online, the customer can request an immediate dispatch of a Technician from the monitoring company or another IT company of their choice. In addition to the remote management, the monitoring company can assist with software upgrades; protect the system from viruses; and back up important data to the cloud.

How GTB can help 

GTB provides remote IT management services, which enable companies to reduce their IT budget, while ensuring the health of their network and associated computers. Customers can purchase IT services as a stand alone option or as part of the GTB Voice and Data package. In either case, your company can receive peace of mind and reduce your IT expenses. 

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