October 13, 2015
By Dror Mei-Tal

Where the audio industry is headed

When selecting or upgrading your phones, it's important to consider the audio quality you get with a VoIP and hosted PBX phone vs. a standard legacy phone.  Like television and video resolution, voice standards were first developed from analog; through digital and now into HD quality.  Though not all IP phone systems are capable of providing the new voice quality, it is expected to be the standard for all VoIP based systems in the future.  

Side by side recordings of standard and HD quality voice

In order for you to experience the difference between the low and high standards of voice, we've inserted links to recordings of each. The first recording demonstrates the low, standard audio typical of most legacy phones. The other recording allows you to hear (what is becoming) the new standard, HD audio quality found with VOIP and hosted PBX phones.  Click on the links below to hear both.  

Listen to Standard Voice, and now Listen to HD Voice.

Quick tip

It’s important to know that to achieve HD-quality voice; both parties (caller and person receiving the call) must be using HD-enabled phones.

How GTB can help

GTB provides hosted PBX phone systems that utilize VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and HD quality audio.  The features are scalable, so can grow with your business, and we are able to provide hands-on customer service to small and medium-sized businesses in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. 

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