Case Study: Retail Customer, Elite Auto Brokers
January 28, 2022
GTB Team

Today, we focus on how GTB is serving the Retail/Automotive Sector with a case study on our featured customer, Elite Auto Brokers.


Elite Auto Brokers is a boutique car dealership located in Gaithersburg, MD. The company specializes in selling luxurious foreign cars.

Service Needs

The staff at Elite Auto Brokers spends a significant amount of time on the phone. Before going with GTB, their phone system was connected to regular phone lines from a local phone company. Elite wanted to both reduce their overall monthly telephone bill, and upgrade their phone system in order to access new features that would enhance their operations.

The Solution

GTB designed and installed our hosted PBX solution at Elite’s office. All of the original, regular company phone lines were replaced with Flex•PointTM. The configuration included features like, Auto Attendant, Music on Hold, Voicemail to Email, Voicemail to Mobile Visual Messaging, Fax-tu-Email (now FaXcess) and Click to Dial. The new features were bundled in a customized package that also provided local and long distance calling. The hosted solution was also provisioned over Elite’s third party high speed internet connection, which enabled them to yield the highest quality audio. The new solution allowed Elite’s employees to efficiently originate customer calls and provided a better phone experience to shoppers placed on hold. The elimination of the company’s original phone lines and the special pricing also reduced Elite’s overall telecom expense. Read more case studies.

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