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April 16, 2015
by the GTB Team

Most people are familiar with the term “Computer Hacker”.  In fact, most of us take precautions to protect our computers and online activity by setting up special usernames and passwords.  Some of us even have physical “firewall” devices to protect our computer systems from intruders.

What is a "Phone Hacker"?

However, most people are unaware of “Phone Hackers”, individuals who are focused on gaining control of private phone systems to make unauthorized calls.  Once your phone system has been “hacked”, you may incur hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in long distance or International fraudulent call charges. It’s estimated that phone fraud costs businesses and individuals $40 billion globally on an annual basis.  -And even though you don’t make the calls yourself, you’re still responsible for paying your provider for the unauthorized calls, regardless of how much it costs. 

How you can protect yourself 

You can improve your security by following these steps at your office or residence (you may want to contact your phone provider if you need help with any of them):

  • Disable extensions and voicemail of inactive phones.
  • Create account codes for Long Distance and International calling.
  • Secure voicemail boxes with strong PIN’s or passwords.
  • Change account codes on a regular basis and when employees leave the company. 
  • Update your PBX system with the latest and greatest firmware.
  • Update firewall security software and block unnecessary ports. 
  • Enable stringent security policies if your phone system allows remote IP Phones to communicate with the main system.

GTB can help

GTB can also assist you and limit your exposure to Phone Hackers.  The following are some upcoming procedures that we will be implementing on May 22, 2015:

  • Current customers that have not made any International calls since January 1, 2015 will automatically have all outgoing International calls blocked.
  • GTB will assist customers in setting up account codes for making domestic long distance and International calls.
  • GTB will assist customers who use FlexŸPoint™ or voicemail in updating the security of their current passwords. 

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