GTB provides both Domain and Computer-based Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Solutions for small and mid-sized businesses MD, DC and Northern VA areas.

 Domain Anti-Virus and Spam Solution












Antivirus protection reduces the risk of acquiring malicious software that can potentially delete important information, corrupt your network and computer programs and operating systems, or even destroy them completely.

Benefits of an Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solution

  • No onsite hardware or software required
  • Easy Set-up: A simple change to your MX records is all it takes to get you started
  • Daily “Held Spam Reports” to see the spam you're (not) missing
  • Storage and access of any legitimate messages mistaken for spam
  • Although enterprise and premise-based firewalls can assist your company in blocking hackers from penetrating your network, it is still very important to install antivirus software on any individual computer that connects to your network.

How GTB can help

GTB’s Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam service is an additional feature that saves you time and money by blocking unwanted messages and keeping your system free of adware, spyware and viruses.