Today, cloud-based applications provide unified communications and can be accessible from virtually anywhere – from your car, home, office, and when you’re in and out of the country.

 Global Telecom - Cloud Backup Services

Cloud services are being used more than ever -- both because they allow companies to access to data from anywhere, and also because cloud backup services give them a built-in level of redundancy that is vital for reducing downtime in today’s business environment. GTB offers a range of cloud backup services that can help you work smarter and more securely.

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Each of our cloud services can be customized to fit your unique needs:

  • Video Conferencing. GTB's MaX Video Meetings provide HD-quality audio and video conferences over the web, including web collaboration features such as screen sharing, whiteboard annotations, and presentation capabilities. . MaX Meeting webinars scale up to 100 live video panel-ists and packages that scale up to 10,000 view-only attendees. It can be fully integrated with the MaX UC Softphone app or as a standalone service.
  • Cloud-Based Fax to Email Service.  Send or receive faxes from wherever you are with our fax to email service. Individuals can have their own fax numbers, send faxes directly from their computers, receive faxes via email as PDF files, and never need to worry about having a dedicated fax line.
  • Web Hosting.  We offer web hosting as one of our cloud hosting services. Choose us for your web hosting provider and you’ll get:
    • 100MB Hard Drive Space
    • Email Account Hosting with Spam Filtering and Antivirus Scanning
    • Online Tools to Manage Accounts
    • High-Speed Accessibility and more!
  • Email Service, Hosted Exchange and Office 365.  If you’re happy with your current email setup, but would like added redundancy so you can ensure no important email data gets lost or deleted, our email service/hosted exchange is a good cloud backup service option. You pay a low monthly per-mailbox fee, and we provide unlimited storage space with the ability to synchronize all your employees’ smartphones, tablet computers, cell phones and other mobile devices seamlessly. We also make it easy to add and remove users or services. Office 365 is also offered with the Premium Hosted Exchange package.

All of these cloud backup services give you more flexibility and increased redundancy, both of which are important in today’s complex and demanding business environment. 

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