Flex•Point™ Firmware Upgrade to v.

  1. Q: How does the new User Interface (UI) affect my Flex•Point™ phone?

A: The new UI Firmware will change the appearance on the 6867i and 6869i phone display screens only.

  1. Q: What exactly is changing? 

A: Your new display screen will now have a white background which is replacing the darker background.  Additionally, the Caller’s List and Redial List have been consolidated into the phone’s Call History application. Users can view their missed calls, outgoing calls, received calls, or a list of all calls made to and from their phone using the consolidated Call History application.

  1. Q: Is maintaining the former, “darker” display screen an option?

A: No. This is the standard UI moving forward.

  1. Q: When can we expect the new firmware?

A: The new GTB firmware will be in effect, as of April 18, 2016.

  1. Q: Can we stay on the old firmware?

A: No. Keeping current on firmware plays a major role in providing security and stability to GTB’s customer base and network as a whole. In addition, much like other software providers, older firmware releases will not be supported by the manufacturer.

  1. Q: Will GTB customers be notified about any future changes or updates?

A: While there are many “behind-the-scenes” upgrades that occur ongoing, GTB will notify customers about any major UI changes in the future as well.