Read What Tech Will Look Like in 2039.

BRob Marvin, PC Magazine.  Published January 3, 2019.   

GTB can help your business grow into future decades by offering a "one-stop-shop" experience with multiple tech services.  For more than 25 years, GTB has been holding companies' hands every step of the way -- with IP phone solutions, high speed internet, and now cyber security.  We provide free assessments of your systems, and if we can help, will deliver the phones, install them for you, bring fiber to your building, and provide in-person training and local customer care.  We manage it all for you, so you can focus on your business.  Learn more about how GTB can help.  

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Read Rural carriers, progressive group oppose Sprint/T-Mobile merger.

By , Axios.  Published January 7, 2019.

While the FCC and DOJ review the merger, GTB can help you communicate with customers and colleagues from nearly every kind of wireless phone.  We provide companies with a softphone, Accession Communicatorwhich allows employees to communicate from mobile devices as if they were in your office!   With this mobile app, they connect the office line to talk, message and video chat.  With GTB, companies also have access to a number of Business Phone, High Speed Internet, and Cyber Security Solutions.  Learn more about all the ways GTB is here to make your life easier.    

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Read Is 5G as fast as they’re saying? We break down the speeds 

By , DIGITAL TRENDS.  Published January 22, 2019.

Looking for speedier internet?  GTB can help.  We provide companies with a number of High Speed Internet Solutions including FiberFixed Wirelss and Wi-Fi.  Learn more about all the ways GTB is here to make your life easier.    

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Read Leaked Android Q Code Reveals Apple-Inspired Security Secret.

By Davey WinderContributor, Forbes. Published January 28, 2019.   

Looking for a way to secure your company's data and network?  GTB can help.  As part of our CyberSeal Security Solutions package, we provide Internet SecurityAnti-Virus and Malware Protection software, and Cloud Backup.  Learn more.

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