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By Sumit Bansal, Director for ASEAN and Korea, Sophos.  Published on Enterprise Innovation June 5

GTB can help safeguard your business with Anti-Virus and Malware software, as well as, an Internet Security Firewall and Remote Data Backup.  Fully protect yourself from hackers with our CyberSeal Security Solutions

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By Steven SalzbergCONTRIBUTOR at Forbes.  Published June 12

GTB may not save your life, but we can save your business.  

  1. To safeguard your business against cyber attacks, we can provide Anti-Virus and Malware Protection, as well as, Internet Security Firewall and Remote Data Backup.  This is part of a full CyberSeal Security Solutions package. 
  2. To save you from losing clients, GTB also provides unified communications with our softphone, Desktop Communicator, which allows you to take calls on your smartphone, tablet device or destop computer anytime from virtually anywhere -- as if you were in the office.

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By , BUSINESS INSIDER.  Published June 19, 2017.

Interested in talking to your customers from your desktop computer or tablet device?  GTB can make this happen whether you're using Microsoft or Apple.  Our softphone, Communicator App allows professionals to communicate with prospects and customers while on the go -- using their mobile phones, tablet devices and desktop computers as extensions of their office phones.  Learn more about Accession Communicator now!   

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Published on Wall Street Journal VIDEO, June 25

GTB can help you use your smartphone, tablet device and computer to talk to your customers as if you're at your desk with our softphone, Desktop Communicator.  

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