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Flex•Point™ (Hosted PBX)


Earth Treks is an indoor climbing center with several locations in Maryland (Columbia, Timonium and Rockville), and one in Crystal City, VA and Golden, CO.

Service Needs

As a young company with multiple locations, one of the main communications needs of Earth Treks was the ability to connect all locations into one data network. Such a network was necessary to facilitate the secure transmission of financial and operative data to managers in each one of its facilities. The requirements to accomplish this goal called for the fastest data connection at the lowest cost possible.

In addition to its data needs, the business needed to run all locations on one phone system to reduce calling costs.  They also needed a system that would allow the ability to manage users and features from any location of the company.


In order to accommodate the customer’s data needs, GTB designed and installed point-to-point connections between all of Earth Treks locations. The network connections were based on a mix of technologies which included fiber to the building and ethernet over copper. By using IPSEC technology, all network nodes were configured to communicate with each other while allowing individual users the ability to connect to the network either from within the GTB network or over the public Internet. The new setup also provides high speed Internet access for each one of their locations. 

In regards to Earth Treks’ phone needs, GTB installed its hosted PBX solution called Flex•Point™.  IP phones and all required accessories were provided to the users in each location. The use of IP phones enables any Earth Treks user the ability to dial any one of the other locations as an intercom call, without incurring any local or long distance calling expense. In addition, all users are managed from a single, web-based GUI system no matter which location they belong to.

In regards to cost, the hosted PBX solution did not require any additional onsite PBX equipment besides the IP phones.  This allowed Earth Treks to incur a much lower upfront investment compared with other traditional legacy phone solutions.