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November 10, 2016
GTB is offering $500 off the installation of a high speed Internet if you buy by November 30th! Contact us by email or phone (877) CALL-GTB for a free assessment of your Internet and to redeem your $500 off coupon. 
November 7, 2016
Read Beware, iPhone Users: Fake Retail Apps Are Surging Before Holidays by clicking here. By VINDU GOEL, The New York Times. Posted November 6, 2016. Whether you're using an iPhone, Android or Samsung, GTB can help safeguard your business with Data Backup, Network Security and IT Services.  Click here or call us at 1... read more
October 31, 2016
Read IoT Hack: Why Aren't We Holding Manufacturers Responsible? by clicking here. By Steve Herrod, CIO Today.  Posted October 26, 2016. Whether you're using GTB’s devices or not, we can safeguard your business with Data Backup, Network Security and IT Services.  Click here or call us at 1 (877) CALL-GTB to see if ... read more
October 24, 2016
Read Budget iPhone 7 'eight times slower' than pricier high-end models by clicking here (how storage size affects speed and which model numbers give you the strongest cell signal included). By JAMES WALKER, Digital Journal.  Posted October 24, 2016. Whether you have an iPhone 7, Android or Samsung, GTB has a mobile... read more
October 20, 2016
GTB is offering $500 off the installation of a high speed Internet if you buy by November 30th! Contact us by email or phone (877) CALL-GTB for a free assessment of your Internet and to redeem your $500 off coupon. 
October 17, 2016
Read AT&T will fix cracked screens on some smartphones, here’s how it works by clicking here (deductible information and types of phones and cities covered included). By Shane McGlaun, SlashGear.  Posted October 17, 2016. Whether you need to fix your smartphone or not, GTB has a mobile communications app that... read more
October 10, 2016
Read Samsung is sending incomprehensible emails to Note 7 owners looking for a refund by clicking here (good advice on how to handle the debacle also inside). By Nilay Patel, THE VERGE.  Posted October 10, 2016. To protect your data from fires or other unexpected catastrophes, check out GTB's Remote Data Backup... read more
October 3, 2016
Read A lot of people are complaining about the iPhone 7's battery by clicking here (side by side comparison of smartphone battery life and how it relates to iPhone 6 and 6s included). By James Cook, Business Insider.  Posted October 3, 2016. Whether you're on on iPhone, HTC, LG or Samsung, GTB has a mobile... read more
September 26, 2016
Read Here's how Microsoft is using containerization to protect Edge users by clicking here. By Blair Hanley Frank, IDG News Service: Computerworld.  Posted September 26, 2016. Like Microsoft, GTB "is offering [companies] another way to help protect their users without requiring those users to be security experts."  ... read more
September 19, 2016
Read Exploding Galaxy Note 7 handsets are apparently Apple’s fault by clicking here (how to exchange your Galaxy Note 7 also inside). By Zach Epstein, BGR.  Posted September 19, 2016. To protect your data from explosions or other unexpected dangers, check out GTB's Remote Data Backup Solution.   Click here or call us... read more


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