Read Apple is discontinuing the iPod Touch, the last iPod ever, will sell them only 'while supplies last'

By Brett Molina, USA TODAY. Updated May 12, 2022. 

As Apple stays current with the needs of its users for music mobility, GTB is here to help our clients stay up to date with their need for flexibile communications. Companies working in hybrid environments need more flexibility with their communications now more than ever. We have a number of tools to help employees continue to work with as little disruption to your business as possible. Our team is also ready to assist all customers with the design and delivery of a number of services to unify virtual communications with Video ConferencingSoftphones and Web Conferencing, as well as, VPNs. For over 25 years, GTB has a track record of providing a number of Business Phone Solutions to thousands of companies in Maryland, DC and Northern VA. Because we are headquartered in Baltimore, MD, we are also able to provide local customer service. But it doesn’t stop there! GTB also provides a free, no obligation assessment of your unified communications systems to see how we can help. Redeem your assessment nowLearn more.

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